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What people are saying about
My mom and sister just got the bags, and they loved them! They were convinced I got them genuine bags and just lied so they wouldn't think I spent so much on their gifts, lol. Very very good work!
C.R. on 12/29/2019
I received the bags ! Beautiful. Thank you very much!You are the best!
Lou. on 12/23/2019
I got a Jumbo double flap bag in the “SO Black” edition and I love it so far. It’s amazing quality thus for and looks great!! People’s jaws drop when they see it. Anyone can see it has excepti...
Bag buyer on 12/19/2019
The design looks like the picture but a bit upset that it has a strange smell like something that has been kept in the wardrobe for a very long time. The last few bags that i bought from you have ...
CHRIS on 11/30/2019

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